Five new Novatel SPAN systems in Finland


Navdata has sold five new Novatel SPAN systems based on the new PwrPak7 technology in Finland. SPAN is a system, that tightly integrates a GNSS receiver with an Inertial Measurement Unit resulting in a six degree of freedom position and attitude. Systems will be used in applications such as road profiling, mine survey, UAV and academic research. 

22.12.2021Uusi VRS/RTK palvelu Suomeen valmis
10.11.2020GNSS RTK/suuntalaite uuteen hintaluokkaan
01.09.2020Kolmannen osapuolen GNSS antennit
10.12.2019Navdata signed a 3 year frame agreement with Swedish Maritime Administration.
10.12.2019Javad julkaisi Triumph-3 GNSS laitteen
15.05.2019Novatel SPAN laitteita eri asiakkaille
11.05.2018New Scintrex CG-6 gravimeter for Finland
10.10.2017Uusi suomalainen koneohjausjärjestelmä
07.10.2017Five new Novatel SPAN systems in Finland
20.06.2017Javad Reference stations for Finnref/Aurora

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