Four more Javad reference stations for Aurora project/Finnref


Navdata has delivered four more Javad reference stations with Dorne-Margolin antennas and Geo++ software for the Finnref reference station network run and owned by the National Land Survey's Paikkatietokeskus. These units will be connected to the Finnref DGNSS/RTK network service for the specific use for the Aurora project. Aurora is a development project for the new intelligent driverless car initiative. We are very pleased that Navdata, Javad Delta-3 receivers and Geo++ network program fullfilled all project requirements.
11.05.2018New Scintrex CG-6 gravimeter for Finland
10.10.2017Uusi suomalainen koneohjausjärjestelmä
07.10.2017Five new Novatel SPAN systems in Finland
20.06.2017Javad Reference stations for Finnref/Aurora
01.03.2017Nine (9) Advanced Navigation Spatial Dual systems
15.01.201618 Novatel RTK + heading systems for Marimatech A/S
11.12.2015Navdata wins 80 Javad GNSS reference station receiver procurement to Swepos
22.11.2015Over 200 Novatel OEM units to Marimatech A/S
07.08.2015Javad Triumph ja Hemisphere S321 laitteet integroitu Infrakit yhtiön pilvipalvelu- ja projektinhallintaohjelmistoon
12.03.2015Two new Novatel SPAN6 INS systems for Meridata Oy

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